When our competitors talk about their prices, you’ll notice they always advertise “as low as $X.XX”. It’s not until you reach the checkout page that you find out they’ve added taxes and padded their margins with additional shipping charges. When you buy from us, the price we advertise is the price you pay.

At Sugar Golf, we understand how painful it is to lose a pricey ball in the woods, a pond, or worst of all; when it magically disappears from the fairway. That’s why we created the best golf ball for the price in the industry. Our ball is similar in compression rating to our biggest competitors, with a feel that’s just right; not too hard and not too soft.

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The Sugar Golf Ball is manufactured using a proprietary injection-molded process designed to increase the durability of the urethane while maintaining a soft feel. Our ball features a soft and resilient core, a fast mantle to boost speed off the clubface, consistent spin / control, and a low-drag, aerodynamic, seamless dimple design.

The Sugar Golf Ball is designed to obtain the perfect balance of distance, control, and feel. That said, we know you still want to hit bombs. So we created a ball that outperforms the Titleist ProV1 in head-to-head robo-swing distance testing.

Utilizing a swing robot at two speed settings (high: 112.8 mph, low: 71.8 mph), the Sugar Golf Ball registered higher ball speed off the tee, as well as increased carry and overall distance as compared to the ProV1.

In the same comparative testing, the Sugar Golf Ball was shown to achieve greater launch heights than the 2020 ProV1 at reduced driver spin rates. Sugar’s wedge spin rates as compared to the ProV1 were demonstrated to be slightly higher in the head-to-head testing.

Sugar’s Smash Factor (the ratio of ball speed to clubhead speed) are as good, if not superior to the ProV1.

Put simply, the Sugar Golf Ball is the best deal – if not the best ball – in golf. 

TITLEIST® and ProV1® are registered trademarks of Acushnet Company. Sugar Golf, LLC is not affiliated with Acushnet Company.

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