Without fail, professional golf drama tends to produce some of the most entertaining stories in sports. Add the rival LIV Golf league to the mix, and you get a tinderbox ready to explode with enough drama to fill a two-part Netflix series.

You may have heard about the recent Patrick Reed & Rory McIlroy ‘tee gate’ incident, but there is some important background detail to note. On Christmas Eve, McIlroy was served a subpoena on behalf of Reed’s lawyer, Larry Klayman, however, that subpoena was not for a classic Patrick Reed defamation lawsuit but for Klayman vs the PGA tour. This ongoing lawsuit accuses the PGA tour of colluding with the DP World tour to prevent players from joining the LIV Golf tour – of which Patrick Reed is a member.  

Fast-forward 30 days to the Hero Dubai Desert Classic where Reed walks up to McIlroy on the practice range to say hello. McIlroy, who was focused on his warm-up at the time, brushes off the greeting and Reed subsequently walks away. Upon his departure, Reed turns and tosses one of his custom LIV Golf tees in the direction of the Irishman. Whether that action was out of malice, or an attempt at jovial teasing, it sure didn’t play in favor of Patrick Reed in the court of public opinion.  

Patrick Reed was later questioned on the matter and continued to bury himself with a questionable response – at least we thought so.

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Disclaimer: Sugar Golf most certainly does not recommend throwing tees at playing partners or using them for parenting immature children.