Premium Golf Balls.
No Retail Games.

What We Make

Premium 3-piece urethane golf balls. Manufactured at the same factories as the big brands you already know… sold to you at the lowest price on the market.

  • Designed to compete directly with Titleist ProV1 and other major 3-piece urethane tour balls. 
  • Manufactured to maximize your control and feel, all without sacrificing distance.
  • 27 balls for the lowest all-in price-per-ball in its product category.

    Click here to learn more about how we stack up to (and crush) our competition.

front and side view of sugar golf ball
Sugar golf balls stacked in a cube formation.

How We Do It

Lean Operations. A product-centric and efficient direct-to-consumer model.

  • Straight forward pricing and fulfillment.
  • Packed and shipped in a cube-shaped corrugated mailer.
  • Bulk, minimalist packaging with 27 balls in each box.

What Sets Us Apart

The Sugar Cube. We eliminate the typical nonsense and put all the value in what matters.

  • No wasteful sleeves or duplicative packaging.
  • No tricky upselling with extraneous product offerings.
  • No price-padding through dishonest fulfillment schemes.
Sugar cube loaded with 27 sugar golf balls

Who We Are

Island Par 3s … that’s where this story begins. In a scenario every experienced golfer knows well, we constantly found ourselves reaching for the worst ball in our bag when we encountered a pond, lake, or fairway stream. We love playing with quality golf balls, but our hearts and pockets would ache when we, all too often, chunked a high-end ball into the drink.

We began to ask ourselves why our favorite brands — you know the ones — charge us a fortune, then go on to pay Tour players millions to wear their apparel. What if they passed those profits on to us and sold a quality golf ball that wasn’t priced as a luxury item? What if we could afford to attack every green with the confidence and consistency only a quality ball provides? 

We hit the drawing board and spent our nights, weekends, and savings building a company focused on bringing the most value to the golf community. We stripped out all the fluff that golfers typically encounter with our competitors — Tour sponsorships, overzealous branding, traditional packaging, retail partners, and price padding on shipping costs. 

What emerged was a premium golf ball with a urethane cover and three-piece construction, delivered to customers via a convenient bulk mailer containing 27 balls for a straight-forward price of $69.

At last, a premium golf ball that we can afford to play and afford to lose.

Sugar cube packed and ready to ship to customers

Sweeten Up Your
Golf Game.

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